Bird Boarding, Beauty Treatments & Advice

Bird Boarding

Wingz offers experienced loving care for your pet whilst you are on holiday or during an hospital stay.
We provide all home comforts as needed such as Heated Room withTV & radio. We also have clean cages on site enabling you to just bring your pets favourite toys to make them feel at home. Wingz provides feeds and seeds as required including fresh fruit, vegetables, cuttlefish, nuts & millet as required daily. All animals receive a health check and worming if required.
£4.95 per night

Beauty Treatments

Nail clipping
Small Bird £10
Medium & Large Bird £10
Beak Trimming
Small Bird £15
Medium & Large Bird £15
Wing Clipping*

Medium & Large Birds £120

*Takes approx 2 hours for a professional cut which allows the bird to glide to the floor.


Bird Keeping Advice

Wingz owner and head keeper is available to give advice on bird keeping, behaviour issues etc. Unfortunately we cannot offer this service for free as the sanctuary has to cover costs etc.  Grenville is noted for being one of the countries leading rare bird specialists.  Advice can be via phone, email or in person and prices start from just £5 for a short telephone call.