Wingz offers experienced loving care for your pet whilst you are on holiday or hospital etc.  We understand that these animals are your pride and joy and we offer this specialist service to give your pet the care it deserves to give you the peace of mind while you are away,  We provide all the comforts of home with TV, radio and a well ventilated heated room and these can be tailored to its individual needs. 

We have cages suitable for finches to macaws including toys, natural perching other enrichment items.

Wingz provides feeds and seeds including fresh fruit twice daily, vegetables, nuts and millets as required.  If your animal is on a specialist diet such as pellets these will need to be supplied along with any treat items we might not offer.  All animals receive a health check,, feacal screen and worming if required as part of their care while they are with us.

Boarding must be booked and confirmed via text, facebook or our email address

£5.50 per animal per night - cash only as we cannot take card payments 

Short term boarding (up to two weeks) is payable on pick up. Long term boarding is payable in advance either weekly or monthly (bank transfer payment available)

drop off/pick up times 10am to 11am -  outside of these hours can be arranged at an extra cost of £5.50




On arrival you will either be met in the car park of Wingz or at the main house.  Drop offs take place between 10am & 11am unless arrangements for an alternative time have been made in advance.  There will then be a short chat regarding the current health and happiness of your animal.  You will also be asked to complete a bird boarding form if their isn't a current signed version in respect of your animal.

We will then take the carrier to a quiet room where they can calm down and relax after the journey here.  Once we are comfortable that they are happy they will be taken to the bird boarding room. While being transferred into their cage they will be given a quick non invasive health check and a poo sample taken which will be tested on site. Any favorite toys will be added to the cage with the animal.  We have cages to suit birds from finches to macaws and all are cleaned and disinfected using veterinary approved F10.

While here your beloved pet will be given lots of stimulation including TV & radio.  In addition we have a large selection of toys which will be changed regularly as well as enrichment such as natural wood, cardboard boxes and tubes for the larger parrots to destroy. For suitable birds there will also be plenty of time out of the cage playing on the jungle gym and interacting with the keeper.  Every day each boarder will be observed and anything noteworthy reported in the day book to be passed on to the owner when collected.

On the day of collection the animal will be placed into its carrier as late as possible to reduce the amount of time it will spend inside.  A suitable treat for the species involved will also be put into the container.  Collection currently takes place from the main house on site however this will change in the future once the new entrance is finished.  Collection takes place between 10am & 11am unless arrangements for an alternative time have been made in advance (additional fee applies).  At this time we will again have a chat regarding your animals stay including any observations we have made during its stay.